Preterist Chart: Things that END & BEGIN in 70AD

The chart by Ed Stevens below seems to display his Universalistic system that seems to fill the halls of the Preterist house. This is by far the worst chart I have seen, which displays so many assumptions . . . where to begin??? There are many things that should be observed from the chart below. Stevens confuses the spiritual things in a historic timeline fashion, and makes the assumption that the spiritual things are really historical SOMETHINGS. This is a RED FLAG on identifying a backward system which makes the COPIES the PATTERN. Instead they seeing the PATTERN (which is really the new life we have in Christ See Philippians 3:17) and call them applications. Natural Men will always spew forth their Natural Thinking!

If you need to know what assumptions Preterism uses to make their case, start with the things they say ended or began in 70AD. Then ask them to give you one verse that says it happened!!!! If they can not, then understand that 70AD is NOT the true focal point.

Assumptions as a result of 70AD BASED on this Chart.
1.) The Millennium Ends
2.) The Resurrection Ends
3.) Judgment ends
4.) All men are restored to the Presence of God, since that which was lost has now been restored.
5.) Satan is cast into the lake of fire, Satan Crushed.
6.) Hadean death (separation from God's fellowship and presence) removed.
6.) Eternal Life given to ALL in the New Heavens and Earth (a post 70AD period?).
7.) The "present age" ended. Those surviving 70AD were found worthy?
8.) "all in all" .. healing of nations in 70AD
9.) Temple typology COMPLETELY fulfilled. i.e. NO reference to today. COMPLETELY fulfilled. 10.) "Jerusalem Destroyed" = "Presence of God Restored" ? ? ?"

Jesus tells folks in Hades what He is doing" GAG
"Man captive in a conscious waiting state just like the PARABLE teaches." GAG

OH YES, I almost forgot . . .
Ed Stevens
"When a conflict develops between the creed and Scripture, where should our allegiance rest? (sola scriptura)"